Representative Matters


Securities Class Action & Prof. Liability Litigation
- Securities Fraud & Related Class Action Litigation.  Successfully represented California professional firm in defense of professional liability, securities law violations in civil litigation and related class action litigation claims arising in connection with a municipal securities offering.  Defended a series of lawsuits obtaining successful resolution of all claims.  

California Employment - Wage & Hour & Unfair Competition Class Action Litigation  Successfully represented agricultural cooperative in California wage and hour and unfair competition class action. The initial action was dismissed on the eve of trial.  Months later, the action was refiled and is pending in the U.S. Federal District Court.

Wrongful Discharge, Unfair Competition & Wage & Hour Arbitration - Successfully defended a commodities marketer/wholesaler in arbitration against claims by former employees for alleged California wage and hour overtime violations, unfair competition and wrongful discharge claims.

Real Estate Litigation
- Successfully represented a homeowner in post-settlement Alternative Dispute Resolution and related litigation to enforce performance covenants of a written settlement arising from a residential real estate, construction defect dispute.

Federal Corporate Tax & IRS Regulatory & Professional Liability Litigation
- Obtained successful dismissals with prejudice of three related federal district court actions commenced against a California professional firm arising in connection with multiple, hundred million corporate tax shelter investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Insurance Coverage - Environmental/Real Estate Litigation - Insurance coverage and litigation management of a complex, multi-hundred million dollar professional liability lawsuit against a major California law firm arising from the development and construction of a new public High School complex in a California city. The action resolved favorably during an appeal from a summary judgment ruling in favor of the professional defendants.

Commercial & Related Business & Real Estate Litigation - Coastal Resort:  Successfully convened, mediated and obtained global settlement of a civil and related commercial real estate dispute being litigated in U.S. District Court concerning the ownership and operation of a Coastal Resort. Despite several years of litigation, globally settled the matter within weeks of becoming involved despite the late pre-trial stage of the litigation.

Financial Services Litigation - On behalf of a California Bank
: Successfully managed and oversaw regulatory and internal audit and prosecuted a related claim for fidelity bond coverage, arising from a former senior manager's misappropriation of substantial bank funds.

Business Insurance -
Representing business owner and insured, successfully settled a third-party property damage, liability insurance claim getting the client's claim paid fully within one business day of being hired.

Emerging Companies - Online Financial Service Training & Bank Regulatory Certification
: Successfully represented emerging internet company from formation, start-up, acquisition of initial intellectual property, development and licensing and eventual successful sale of the company to a competitor.

Emerging Companies - Corporate Media & Leadership Training Company
. Represented principal publisher in start-up and joint publishing venture.

Insurance Policy-Holder Recovery & Coverage Disputes – Successful representation of insurance policy holders in numerous insurance coverage, insurance bad faith claims and policy holder insurance coverage recovery litigation.

Insurance Coverage Counsel – Successful representation of insurance carriers in managing the litigation and disposition of claims as insurance coverage counsel, litigation monitoring counsel and settlement counsel in California, Arizona and Nevada.